Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I miss it.

Will unload emotion at later date.

Monday, August 3, 2009


It started off as a good Monday and, in addition, a swell day back to work. My cousin and his family were up-and-out of the house before I could even blink an eye this morning. I wish that blinking was all my eyes are capable of doing Monday mornings, for as the heat index and humidity levels continued to climb, my energy levels succumbed to weakness. Mmm, napping, it is the greater sigh of relief to the umbrella term we call Monday.

I haven't brought myself to think of anything extravagant while at work. It would seem impractical not to with all the time in Ford Ranger isolation. That time spent however, I know the secrets of the city...upon opening manhole covers, beside from the god-awful stench (WHAT ARE YOU EATING!!!) I have found some real treasures deep within the sewer networks. For instance, the other day I found a toy what would a toy guitar be doing in the sewer, okay okay it was a storm sewer, but I had wished it was the sanitary main. That would give a little more excitement than revealing dozens of cockroaches scattering in fear of being painted green and becoming pawns in a miniature "day at the races." I never knew how fast they could scurry! Almost quicker-to-the-draw than me at the sight of 'em. While writing this, I can't help but thinking, is this REALLY what I have to say after 4-years of school and nearly 3 months of summer work. Have I not anything more to say about life and experience? Well, the answer is N-O! I'm 22, do you think I have an answer to anything. The closest I have come to realizing my future is on the inside of a fortune cookie I opened on Saturday "A new home is in your future," poorly translated, and I am okay with that, today.

Club Garibaldi

This is my most recent project. An upcoming show in Milwaukee, WI featuring Ska heavyweights Reaching Scarlet and good friends of mine and a Madison-based Ska/Reggae phenomenon The Socialites.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stop and Smell the Weather

After a long week of weird weather patterns it is the weekend, and nothing beats a beatiful 70 degree Saturday to kick-start a new month. It is August first and for the first time, no pun intended, in a while I have decided that life is too precious to sit about worrying of miniscule things like finding my dream job immediately; right this second. Not that it wouldn't make my millenium per se to land an awesome internship or job which would make all this 10x better (question mark), but I shouldn't let it affect my day out 'n' aboot.

My cousin, his wife and their 3 kids are visiting us from NYC on their way out west for a camping extravaganza so there is a little scent of overwhelming lingering in the air. They are out for the day, managing mischief. My brother asked me if I wanted to bike around Lake Monona (one of 2 lakes isthmus'ing Madison's downtown and one of many lakes surrounding the area). It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to bike around and you get to experience bits and pieces of Madison's many communities. From residential Monona to crowded Downtown Madison, one gets a sense of how large of a city Madison really is (and it is still growing).

I don't know what is in store for the rest of the weekend but planning creates chaos and that's not how I roll.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Actually, more specifically, flip-flop...That's how I would sum up how I feel about life right now. Some days I am on top of it all and can manage my emotions well, then I come across a day where I feel terrific and unstoppable but fear for my future. It is easy to blame the economy because everyone wants an excuse, or scapegoat, for why they aren't doing what they want. It IS a very good reason, for the economy is to blame for an outstanding unemployment rate, but still as a youngster I do see a good amount of people getting freelance work, or internship opportunities. Through the past couple months since my first and last internship ended in mid-May, I have interviewed at a number of places and applied for more than that, but am stuck in a rut. Which isn't too bad if you think of it, because you say when the time is right it will happen and you want to work somewhere that is right for you...BUT where is the consideration on both parts? I have been taught to be considerate of others, it's almost as common as putting on clothes in the morning (sorry nudists). After interviewing at the last place for a full-time position, I left feeling great about how things went, I got along really well with them and I felt as if I had left a good impression. I came home, made up some thank you cards, sent them in to those who interviewed me and even sent a follow-up email the following week to make sure that there weren't any delivery issues. That was 4+ weeks ago, and I still have NOT heard anything! Not even a simple "Thank you for interviewing, but unfortunately we went with someone else. This is why..." Common courtesy, when it isn't given, it leaves someone wondering what they did or didn't do...I don't know. I am open to relocating, I have been applying where I can in-and-out-of-state. I know down the road I will be working happily, but it'd be nice to have some sort of sign instead of this disregard for communication.

I feel like tacos

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random First

Hello and welcome! Please be patient as it may take a couple sessions of trial and error to get my bearings straight as this is my first blogging experience. I figured as a 22 year old recent college graduate stuck in a dormant economy that I should not be spending my time alone worrying about not making it NOW as a designer, but rather affixing myself to social facets to create a network of friends, family and co-people.

First and foremost, my name is Benjamin W.A.L.D and yes I did turn my last name into an acronym. I feel it gives myself a sense of mystery and danger. Take it as you would like, but what is the fun in life if you cannot be a just a little dangerous? Secondly, I am currently living in the east Madison area with my parents, older brother Matt and dog Missey. For work I have returned to my previous employers at the City Engineering Department for my 5th straight summer...not 1, not 2, but 5...I would continue to complain, but it is the best job for a college or post-college student. I get paid, I am outside ALL day, I have a great farmers tan (ladies beware!), and I spend 8 hours of my day locating sanitary and storm sewer lines for construction and digging projects. Okay okay, so I've been a little untrustworthy, I do experience a lot of slow days...days in which I receive a couple hours of work and get to enjoy 6 hours of 80 degree weather, solitaire, internets, and my favorite...people watching. But don't think I do not get my work done, because I'm nowhere near irresponsible, just 22. Could you blame me?

mmm. Try me again tomorrow, I'm not sure if I have overdone or underdone my session. Let me know.